The Kinsey Report in Tarzana, Ca.

i have a LOT to REPORT on cadillac zack's monday night blues party that took place last night. the parking LOT was full, as was the stage, when I walked into the set that had already started.
"Kelly's LOT", all eight members, one trumpet-ist, one sax-ist (not sexist - please note the A in sax), two guitarists, one bassist, one keyboard-ist, one drummer-ist and Kelly were assembled on the stage that comfortably has room for three, maybe four. Who needs stage space when Kelly, the lead singer, brings one of the most tight-knit bands you will ever see. Seamlessly, and with no threat of anyone falling off the one step down to the 'ground' level, they performed a set that was visually and audibly near perfection.

It was a CD Release Party and release they did in a rockin' bluesin' highly soulful manner. I have known Kelly for a few years and her voice has become more powerful and mesmerizing; her performances visually electrifying. So much heartfelt expressions of pain and sorrow/joy and happiness, are seen and felt in her facial expressions and body language. Not even the most cynical/skeptical critic could or would deny the fact that this woman loves what she does and does what she loves. You see it, feel it, hear it with every lyric that she sings; palpable.

The musicians backing her vocals are all highly skilled and play so well together. As of next year the band has been together 20 years and that is a LOT of years!! Thank you Kelly's LOT for sharing your talent with the blues' loving audience at the Maui.

I would further like to REPORT that the headliner, "The Kinsey Report", can be described with all the following adjectives (with a 100% chance that I am leaving out about 100 adjectives): Spunky, funky, groovy, soulful, joyful, bluesy, stunning, moving.

Please do not confuse this band of three brothers + one brother from another mother, with the Kinsey Report(s) -plural, a study in the 1950s on human sexuality. Nope, Alfred Kinsey, author of the reports, is not related to this musical family born and raised in Gary, Indiana, a short distance from Chicago. Their father, Big Daddy Kinsey, played Delta slide guitar and harmonica and formed family bands, two of which were Big Daddy Kinsey and B.B. King, Jr. and Big Daddy Kinsey & His Fabulous Sons.

Ralph on drums, Kenneth on bass, Donald on guitar, are the brothers Kinsey. Also, several months ago they welcomed guitarist Andy Ogrodzinski to the mix and what a mix: shaken, stirred, whipped, pureed, blended into a stunning, dynamic, heart-throbbing set that this writer will nev'r forget.

Alligator Records recording artists tore up covers "Shake Your Moneymaker," "Jammin with You" and "Walkin' Cane, but primarily did originals.

The highlight of the set for me was one of the aforementioned originals: "Code of the Streets" about a brother on the street hustling... trying to survive with no roots or foundation to help him along and ending up in prison as a grown man with a son of his own. I watched these men perform this song, with tears welling up in my eyes (as they are now while writing this), and saw the deeply, profound and emotional state their bodies and souls were exuding. One of the most heartfelt and gut-wrenching performances this blue-eyed girl has seen.

One audience member called them 'legit & inspiring' with his eyes wide open and mouth agape. Others were impressed beyond words; the clapping and screams said it all. An encore was inevitable and very rare.

Looking around at the mesmerized crowd, I realize that I am one of the luckiest blues' lovers ever on the face of the planet.

i had a LOT to REPORT this week and I thank all the musicians, all my fellow blues' lovers and my friend Cadillac Zack.

the bluesy redhead

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Born May 12, 1953 in Gary, Indiana, Donald Kinsey is an American guitarist and singer whom recorded w/ Albert King, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh.


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