I met you all in the 80's I have no clue what this site is about. I am not on facebook or anything like this. I just miss seeing you all in Porltand Oregon at the Blues Festival and beyond.

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This is Donald"s website.....maybe playing at a blues fest in aug. in Oregon....

Didn't know we have a blues anything in Aug? we have a 4-5 day Blues Festival for the Oregon Food bank one the biggest this side of the Mississippi over the 4th of July. The Kinsey Report were the head lining act one year. I met them a couple years before that when the played the Melody Ballroom. Weekend of the SFO earthquake. If you find out dates I will definitely try and go.

I think Donald might have been playing with Bob Marley when he played at the Santa Barbara Bowl in about 1975 with Little Anthony and the Imperials. Be fun to see them all again.

I have never in my life responded to anything like this on line. Does this go to you or all?

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Born May 12, 1953 in Gary, Indiana, Donald Kinsey is an American guitarist and singer whom recorded w/ Albert King, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh.


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